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Our commitments

Terra Balka is a local travel agency located in Zagreb, Croatia.


We offer authentic, sustainable and personalized travel experiences to guarantee you a unique stay in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

1. Our expertise

Our agency Terra Balka is a member of Terra Group, a network of receptive agencies, created in 1998, whose experience and expertise in tailor-made travel is recognized by travellers and tourism professionals alike.


2. Our knowledge of the field

Our presence in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro since 2017 and our numerous reconnaissance trips allow us to offer you a personalized trip based on a wide and diversified range of services, both on unmissable sites and off the beaten track stops.


3. A 100% personalized trip

We will work out your trip together according to your tastes and expectations. We maintain regular contact with you, by email and telephone, in order to accompany you in your travel plans so that you can live the best experience on the spot.


4. Security

We select the best service providers in our countries and regularly travel to meet them to ensure you have the best experience on site.


5. Quality

Our experience in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro and our reconnaissance trips allow us to select for you the best accommodations, restaurants and excursions in our different countries. We are in regular contact with all our Croatian, Slovenian and Montenegrin partners to ensure the quality of our services.

As adventurers, we organise adventure trips and we are a member of the ATTA.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is an international grouping that aims to educate, professionalize and promote the adventure travel industry. The ATTA community supports genuine efforts to address tourism and travel issues in order to advance responsible and sustainable adventure travel practices.

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6. Responsiveness and flexibility

We are committed to processing your travel requests and to put you in contact with a French-speaking contact person within 48 hours (working days). We can be reached by email, telephone, WhatsApp or skype throughout the conception of your trip and during the course of your stay, 24 hours a day.


7. Competitive prices 

As often as possible, we operate our services ourselves, without intermediaries. Our quotes are based on prices negotiated directly with the service providers with whom we work with respect, loyalty, transparency and duration.


8. Ethical commitment

Because travelling is our passion, we want to offer our travellers a way of travelling that respects the issues of local development, environmental protection and meeting the people. We are committed to providing unique travel experiences in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, seeking to encourage, preserve and protect the natural areas, cultural heritage and local economic growth of the places we visit.

We are committed to a vision of responsible and sustainable travel. We want to have a positive impact, and we take these issues into account in the design of our trips.


9. Comfort of your trip

We send you the confirmation for your different accommodations 15 days after your reservation. You will then receive an electronic travel journal 15 days before your departure with your detailed itinerary, your reservations and vouchers as well as the contact of all our suppliers for your trip. We will contact you by phone or by WhatsApp on the day of your arrival and remain available 24 hours a day for the duration of your stay.


10. Simplified payment

You will be able to choose between payment by bank transfer to our business account in Croatia or by credit card on our secure platform (bank charges at your expense).